Why Elections Are Now Classified as ‘Critical Infrastructure’ – The Atlantic:

From the comment section:

“For clarity’s sake: has anyone ever claimed that the *election*–the casting of ballots and the tabulation–was compromised, or do they mean that the *campaign* and not the *election*, was hacked?”

“The campaign was hacked. They conflate the two so that they feel better about their loss.”

“Every news report I have heard is describing it as the “election hack”. While it was a hack involving an election, the election itself was not hacked. It is intentionally dishonest and misleading, and yet another reason nobody trusts the media.”

“That’s how I’ve seen it, too. When they started, they wanted to leave the impression that the tabulation was skewed by hackers, and that Trump did not actually receive the votes he appears to have gotten.

But then under media questioning over the next few days, we found that what they were talking about was the DNC servers, and that would actually be the campaign, not the election.

Not that it was a good thing, but that there was purposeful intent to mislead public opinion over the fundamental issue of the vote count.”

“This has nothing to do with hacking.

Elections are suddenly classified as critical infrastructure because the Democrats got their asses kicked in November and they now want control over state election infrastructures. Thank God we are a Republic and not a democracy.

Well, no one voted for this so it’s just one more item on Trump’s “undo” list, along with wet foot dry foot and the anti-Israel UN resolution. Not to mention every other executive order that Obama did.

6 days………………………tick tock tick tock”


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