Whose Manchurian Candidate?

Mark Yuray with a good one over at Social Matter:

 If I were to pick one foreign country that was most likely to have done unethical things on behalf of Donald Trump’s political ambitions, it would be Israel without a doubt. Russia is somewhere near the bottom of the list, after India, Panama, and Brazil. At least Trump has had business dealings in those countries. Donald Trump, the America-loving capitalist mogul, was in his mid-40s by the time the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Before then, a Soviet Russian agent approaching Trump was more likely to burst into flames than successfully “turn” the billionaire friend of President Ronald Reagan and Roy Cohn’s mentee.

After Mossad, the second most likely shadowy organization to have backed Trump is not the KGB, but the Italian mafia. Donald Trump can’t grab a pussy in the New York City real estate business without brushing against a mafioso, as Politico has extensively documented. Donald Trump’s mob ties even overlap sometimes with his ties to Jewish Roy Cohn, such as in the case of “Fat Tony” Salerno, who was a client of Cohn’s. No wonder the only goy working at The Trump Organization is called Calamari!

But Trump’s ties to Isreal and the Italian crime families are a bit beside the point, because the most obvious shadowy organization to have backed him is right in front of our faces, not hiding in the Bronx or the Middle East. This shadowy organization calls itself “the American people”, though it is more commonly known to us as “RedGov” or the Red Empire. That means the FBI, the NSA, the cops, and the good ol’ U.S. Army.


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