Shudras of the World, Unite!

West Coast Reactionaries:

What has been the appeal of Trump and Farage to the masses? Both have come from the bourgeoisie and have railed against the international bourgeoisie, calling on the mass to seize the global means of production and distribute the wealth the bourgeoisie created. Did not Karl Marx himself predict this? That in late stage capitalism, members of the bourgeoisie would turn class traitor and distribute the wealth of their class to the masses?

What is this rising tide of populism and nationalism, a restoration? No! a descent into the abyss. I once admired Trump, and thought that perhaps he could be at least the first rung on the ladder to restoration. How foolish I was. Nationalism, populism, and socialism are all attempts by the Shûdras to assert supremacy over the Vaishyas. To distribute the wealth created by the bourgeoisie to the masses. Differences concerning which mass are more deserving: Americans, Whites, Proletarians, etc. are arbitrary (the “white race” is the white nationalist’s “international proletariat”). The principle remains that this is a transition into a lower caste, into deeper depths, into the final age of man.


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