Whose Manchurian Candidate?

Mark Yuray with a good one over at Social Matter:

 If I were to pick one foreign country that was most likely to have done unethical things on behalf of Donald Trump’s political ambitions, it would be Israel without a doubt. Russia is somewhere near the bottom of the list, after India, Panama, and Brazil. At least Trump has had business dealings in those countries. Donald Trump, the America-loving capitalist mogul, was in his mid-40s by the time the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Before then, a Soviet Russian agent approaching Trump was more likely to burst into flames than successfully “turn” the billionaire friend of President Ronald Reagan and Roy Cohn’s mentee.

After Mossad, the second most likely shadowy organization to have backed Trump is not the KGB, but the Italian mafia. Donald Trump can’t grab a pussy in the New York City real estate business without brushing against a mafioso, as Politico has extensively documented. Donald Trump’s mob ties even overlap sometimes with his ties to Jewish Roy Cohn, such as in the case of “Fat Tony” Salerno, who was a client of Cohn’s. No wonder the only goy working at The Trump Organization is called Calamari!

But Trump’s ties to Isreal and the Italian crime families are a bit beside the point, because the most obvious shadowy organization to have backed him is right in front of our faces, not hiding in the Bronx or the Middle East. This shadowy organization calls itself “the American people”, though it is more commonly known to us as “RedGov” or the Red Empire. That means the FBI, the NSA, the cops, and the good ol’ U.S. Army.

Psychopathic Status Maximizers

Spandrell with another terrific article:

 As David Hines point out; the Left is not a set of ideas; it’s a set of optimized tactics for agitation. And the only way to win a fight against an optimized set of battle tactics is to adopt them yourself. That was Fascism was about. To use Communist tactics against them. Some retarded conservatives use this point to argue that “fascism was leftist”. No, that’s really dumb. That’s like saying that a Republican army is monarchist because it has a chain of command. The words “left” and “right” are not about their proclaimed ideas. They’re just fighting teams, you got two of them, and you gotta give them opposite names so that the idea gets across. If the Left is winning because it’s doing something right, well the Right is going to do the same. So Mussolini and Hitler ran party armies harassing the populace, it run massive rallies, it assassinated political enemies. And yes, it adopted some ideas that made it easier to raise and fund an army. He had to if he wanted to get anywhere.

The thing is that to raise an army you gotta motivate it. The Left pays it people, but more than anything it has a very solid memeplex to sell. It sells equality. If you’re above average, “equality” to you sounds like “raise in status”, so by definition half the population is always on board for that. And if you’re running the army you get to be pretty high in status, which is very attractive for greedy status-maximizers. The problem with the Left of course is that to deliver equality you have to destroy society. The whole thing. But society has this habit of reconstructing itself, because that’s what social species do; so you need to become increasingly crazy and destroy everything that can support human life if you want to deliver equality. So you get a signaling spiral. Now they’re denying that biological sex is real.

The Right really just wants to survive. The Right is by definition the reaction against the Left, whatever the Left is in a particular time and space. AlfaNL says that the Dutch Right are Left Libertarians. He means they are what Americans would call Left Libertarians. But in Holland they are the Right alright, because the Left comes first, and the Right is whatever army can be raised to oppose the Left. If the Left becomes crazier and murderous, the Right will morph into whatever can effectively oppose the Left. When the Left was Jimmy Carter, the Right was Ronald Reagan. When the Left is Hillary Clinton, the Right becomes Donald Trump. If the Left is going to go back to the 1930s, the Right might as well have to do so too.

Ruthenia Delenda Est


 On the question of why the US deep state and Washington’s liberal establishment is so intent on maintaining Russia in the role of deadly enemy, the answer is very simple – money.

Huge and powerful economic and ideological interests are tied up in the new cold war of the past few years. We’re talking the country’s previously mentioned gargantuan defense and intelligence budgets, continuing US support and financing of NATO, along with reason for the continued existence and funding of the vast network of political think tanks in Washington and throughout the West, all of which are committed to sustaining a status quo of US hegemony and unipolarity.

Russia’s emergence as a strategic counterweight to the West in recent years has and continues to challenge this hitherto uncontested hegemony emanating from Washington, providing lucrative opportunities for organizations, groups, and individuals with a vested interest in the resulting new cold war.

Germany, Facebook, “Fake News”


Politicians and the media are particularly concerned about the phenomenon in the run-up to the country’s parliamentary election in October.

A small pilot of the scheme has already been tried in the US, and if successful in Germany, it will be expanded to other countries in time.

The move is a further indication of Facebook’s evolving attitude to media sharing. While previously founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said the platform was not a media company, in a December Facebook status he conceded the company has “a greater responsibility than just building technology information flows through.”

“While we don’t write the news stories you read and share, we also recognize we’re more than just a distributor of news. We’re a new kind of platform for public discourse — and that means we have a new kind of responsibility to enable people to have the most meaningful conversations, and to build a space where people can be informed,” he said.